Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Plate Passion

I love plates. Colorful vintage plates. Not only are they functional, but beautiful when displayed in a hutch:

For a long time I've been collecting blue and white plates, like the display above.

And on Etsy, my shop is filled with vintage plates. Over the past several years I've sold all kinds: English Staffordshire and Transferware, Italian porcelain, Chinese export, Czech dessert plates, hand painted Greek plates, Christmas plates, yellow ware, art pottery, vintage ironstone, souvenir plates, Liberty Blue commemorative plates, Finlandia, and Pfaltzgraff, to name a few. Today I'll be photographing more plates that I'll carry in, through the snow, from my storage shed, where I keep everything I find during my spring, summer, and fall finding forays.

Some of my finds I just have to keep, but to avoid becoming a complete packrat (well, that might be impossible) I offer up a good portion of what I come across in my shop. Here's some of the plates available right now in my "kitchen" section:

And today, hopefully, there will be even more. That way I get to keep on indulging my passion for finding!


  1. I love the way the plates look like all together esp. The ones with the bed, real cuteness!