Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Decorating for Christmas with Vintage

I love Pinterest!

Whenever you find something you like on the internet, there's always a place to save it there--just put it on one of your boards or create a new one.

Recently I was searching for ways to decorate for Christmas using vintage items. And I found some great new ideas. So all I had to do was hit the round red P button and save them to my new board: Decorating for Christmas with Vintage.

Below are some of the ideas I especially liked....

Using vintage glass jars as candle holders, setting them into an old box, and filling with greens and pinecones:

Using an old skate and a vintage watering can and adding greens, bittersweet or other red berries, and maybe a colorful bow for porch decorations:

Getting a little tree and putting it into some kind of vintage container--in the pictures below, an old metal basket, a large ceramic bowl, and a vintage wooden box were used:

Using an old grater, vintage bowls and cookie cutters, a long trough, a dough bowl and a lantern--along with greens and vintage Christmas ornaments--to create beautiful centerpieces:

Dressing up vintage scales for Christmas:

Once I take a look at some of these ideas, I start thinking about what I have in my own home that could be "up cycled" or repurposed into decorating possibilities.

Next week I'll show you some of the vintage decorating in my home. In the meantime, all these ideas and more are located on my Pinterest page--come on over and check them out, as when you click on an image, whole articles come up with more clever DIY vintage Christmas decor inspiration!


  1. Wonderful Christmas decorating ideas. Can't wait to see yours next week. Keep 'em coming Kris.

  2. Thanks, Sue! I do hope to keep them coming :)