Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Listing!

So yesterday I finally bit the bullet and jumped onto Etsy as a vintage seller. Here's my first listing,a colorful enamel-on-tin teapot from my own collection:

This cheerful little teapot has decorated a shelf in my kitchen for years. In the summer I filled it with bright orange calendula blossoms or purple violets or small white daisies. In the winter, when the snow falls here in New Hampshire, it just made me feel cozy.

But if I'm going to keep finding and collecting--and I hope to--I've got to pass on some of my collection to others who can take joy in being their new caretakers. 

I can't remember exactly where I found this teapot, because I've had it for so long, but I think it was at the once-a-year Yankee Barn Sale extravaganza in Dublin, NH one August--always a highlight of our year. This sale is worth travelling a good distance for, and a person can easily spend a whole morning there, just getting around once. My husband and I like to come early and keep circling the booths, as the sellers continue pulling items out of boxes for hours.

So now I'm officially online at Etsy, but it's kind of embarassing to have only one item on display in my shop. Which is why I'm keeping this short today, so I can put up more! 

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