Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Life So Far on Etsy

Well, it's been an interesting learning curve these past few months....

I registered Either/Or Finds on Etsy in December, but didn't put up my first item until mid March...

...first there was Christmas and then I had to figure out how to do everything. If I know what I do now, I wouldn't have registered until I'd gotten some of those things figured out--like how to take good photographs, how to calculate postage, how to...well do everything.

Because now it looks like I've been on for six months and have only three sales.

Even with beginning to list items in mid March, three sales is not too good. So I'm trying not to be discouraged and keep on going...but wondering if it's my photography or my items or my pricing or the economy (though others are selling things pretty regularly on Etsy) or...what?

I'm on Twitter and have 300 followers as of today, and I know that gets me a lot of "hits" on my items, which have received hearts here and there. Which is good...

I have a Facebook page and put my items up there and "like" others as well (so far 52 people "like" my site). I put some items up on my own personal Facebook page, where I have over 700 "friends," but it feels a little uncomfortable posting my items there, as mostly I have personal and film and Twitter friends (from @EitherOrFilms, where I have over 7,000 followers). So I think I'm attempting to do my social media...

And not too long ago I learned that it's good to make Treasuries on Etsy, and so far I've done several:

Sunday Dinner in our Woodland Garden with Distractions

Scandinavian High

Kissable You

The Art of Seeing

And just today: Baby, Oh Baby!

These have all been fun, silly treasuries, but I've enjoyed finding the items and doing them. After I finish, I notify all the Etsians who are in them that I've used them. Otherwise, how would they know...?

Meanwhile, I've been joining Teams and am just starting to be active in posting things on threads. I belong to several so far:  Vintage Etsy Society Street TeamVintage LoversCircles for EveryoneEtsy LushNew Hampshire TeamTwitter PatedWe Love Vintage! Do You?, and Etsy Site Help.

Adding people to your Circle and having others add you to their Circles is another good thing to do on Etsy.

So actually, it's not just doing item listings (with all that entails), but doing Twitter and Facebook and Treasuries and Teams and Circles...

Etsy is definitely not for the faint hearted!


  1. I like your photos, really nice! So, just keep listing and before you know it, the sales will come pouring in, anyway that is part of the logic. I applied to the Vintage Etsy Society Street Team since I saw you mention it here. So many treasuries, so little time :D

  2. Victoria, thanks so much for the encouragement! Just what I needed today. I was afraid I'd come to this blog and find 0 comments, which is normal, but today I found yours--and it's very much appreciated. Wishing you a wonderful week,