Tuesday, October 4, 2011

International Etsy

This last week or so at my Etsy shop has been an international experience with sales from all over the world.  Here's what I sold to Australia to a doll maker:

and this to a vintage jewelry collector in Russia:

and this to a guy in Malaysia who loves RayBans and was afraid his mailman would steal them:

and this to Italy, to a woman who is putting together her costume for the Venice Carnival:

and this to Canada, to a woman who has the good taste to buy it (!):

I've also had requests for this item from two potential buyers in Australia...

but the shipping charges, when checked, were too exorbitant.

It seems I'm getting a lot of traffic from Australia. Also sent off these items there:

And this to Norway:

And this to Canada:

I often list shipping prices to other countries (Canada and then "Everywhere Else") for items that aren't too large, but for many I'll simply ask that international buyers convo me for a specific price to their country.

It's fascinating meeting these people from all over the world--and how happy I am that they appreciate (and buy!) the items in my shop!

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