Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting Back to Blogging and the Old Blogger Interface

Hoorah--I finally figured out how to return to my old Blogger interface!

It wasn't that hard, as I finally discovered today, but I switched last October and hated it so much that I just stopped blogging. And every time I went back to take a look, I couldn't figure out how to get back to what I had, so I just went away again.

Until today. During a morning visit to the Vintage Etsy Sellers Team--Vesties--of which I'm a member, I came across a thread on blogging. Oh yeah, blogging, I thought--I used to blog...but then I changed my interface and now I don't...

So I went back and googled some info and played around and clicked some on the dashboard and--voila!--I'm back!

Now I feel like blogging again. I've also been thinking about it for the last week or two because I'm coming up to my one year anniversary on Etsy and was considering sharing some thoughts about my life so far as a seller.

To give this post some color, here's the last item I sold, which happened yesterday and is my 119th sale:

I got these clip-ons along with a bunch of other jewelry at a church sale, put them up during my first month or so on my shop and they sat there forever, renewed at least once, until being sold yesterday to a buyer from Australia. Whenever I renew something I usually change some of the tags and how I list the item. Whatever it was, it sold fairly quickly after the last renewal.

Anyway: hoorah I'm back! More blogging to come...soon...I think....


  1. saying hi from the vestiesteam...and i just noticed that you're from jersey! me've gotta tell me where all your favorite places to shop vintage were ;)

  2. Jen, my apologies ~ in going through my blog I see I didn't reply to you--I'm so sorry! Wow, my favorite places to shop...I'd have to say that we loved the shops in the Stanhope, Flemington, and Clinton areas. I'm two years too late, but better late than never (sorry again!)!