Monday, March 31, 2014

Vintage Hats and Etsy

This week some of my vintage hats were featured in "50 Gorgeous Vintage Hats" in a fun blog
called "We Heart Vintage," written by Mary, who--according to her bio--is "a mum, web designer and vintage-addict from a small village in the UK":

You really should take a look at the amazing array of hats featured here--such a wide variety of colors and styles, really interesting!

Here are a few of the hats currently in my Etsy shop:

There are so many vintage hats, thousands of them, currently being offered on Etsy--all you have to do is search for the color you want, the material, the style, and up will come zillions of prospects.

Of course, the question in selling hats is: for the photographs do I use a live model, a mannequin, or just shoot it all by its lonesome, maybe with a book or some other prop. Since I didn't have a good mannequin, I finally persuaded my beautiful granddaughter Zoe to be my model.

Unfortunately she's away at college most of the time and I have to grab her whenever she's home and free for a photo shoot. How do I pay her? In vintage hats and dresses, naturally!


  1. I love hats, even though I don't wear them. They're just fabulous. Glad you wrote about them

    1. Thanks, Lin ~ I don't wear them, either, but I love to sell them! :)

  2. I love this post, and I always enjoy the photos of Zoe - gorgeous young lady! Zoe seems to just naturally and so nonchalantly take a fabulous photo. Do y'all agree?

    HATS, did someone say hats!! Yes, I love vintage hats: just ask my husband. Vintage hats are all over my house..and mannequins. Thanks for featuring some of the gorgeous creatures. My favorite hat, well, one of my favorite hats, is the navy blue and black one with the ecru top! It's really soft and pliable, and so versatile.
    I adore the feather hat on Zoe - also, one of my favs:-)
    Thanks, Kris, for the feature - truly my thrill for the day!

    1. Katy, you're really the Vintage Hat Queen ~ I can't think of them without thinking of you and your terrific shop! Everybody: you gotta go see all her stuff!

      And yes, Zoe is a real natural. She's a super talented artist, but seems to have both left and right brains functioning strongly, as she's also a math and science wiz and majoring in Engineering!

  3. Great blog article and love all these hats.