Thursday, April 7, 2016

Etsy Changes: New Shop Look, New Seller Websites

Changes abound on Etsy today.

Well, they were rolled out a few days ago and most of the sellers are still reeling from the shock of  so much newness confronting them all at once: new shop looks and now "Pattern," a previously un-announced "stand-alone" website being offered, for a monthly fee, to sync in with each seller's Etsy shop. 

To Pattern or not to Pattern: that has been, and continues to be, the question sellers have to grapple with individually.

Will it help, will it hurt? Is it worth the $15 a month or isn't it?

After my own grappling, I decided to jump in and give it a try.

So not only do I have a new cover photo in my shop (looks huge on pcs, looks ok on mobile devices), but I now have my own (kind of) website. It's still tied into Etsy, but it's a place where shoppers seeking a certain vintage this or that can possibly (the operative word) find me when plugging search words into their browser outside of Etsy.

Will it be worth the $15 a month? Will people find me?

Here I am--what do you think?


  1. To boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before!

    All the best! your pal, mud

    1. Thanks, Mud ~ I'll try to blaze the trail! :)