Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Farmhouse Decor: White, White, Wondrous White!

Before getting onto Instagram, I had no idea how widespread the White on White Farmhouse decor had become. If you're on IG, just put "farmhouse" into the search bar and see the incredible numbers of sites, plus their followers--pretty amazing, right?

You can find the same thing on Pinterest. Although the Farmhouse crowd can get much more interactive and chatty on IG.

Being an Etsy seller who wants to keep up with the trends (my home is rustic Country, which still has its thousands of followers, but not to the extent of the current Farmhouse rage), I started tracking some of these sites and their devotees and checking out how they liked to decorate their homes. Here are some examples:

Okay, so it's mostly white, white, and more white with an occasional brown woven basket or box for a little neutral add-on.

Country, in contrast, usually goes for bold splashes of color:

I have lots of Country in my shop, but what did I have that would qualify for Farmhouse? I looked around my stock and found a white ceramic fish platter:

and put it up. It sold. A good start!

So I found a set of white porcelain plates and put them up...

...and found a buyer! Farmhouse was proving to be a bigger selling item than Country, so I kept on searching and found a white matelasse quilt--a great farmhouse find:

Now I became ravenous for white. And when I came across a set of pure white, embossed Wedgwood dessert bowls and plates, I was ecstatic:

Today these sold as well. Now I'm continuing searching for white, and recently listed these beauties in my shop (still available at this writing): a wonderfully shabby tin bowl and a pair of white milk glass vases:

Don't you think they'd fit in with these rooms?

Oh, and for that white bathroom, clear containers are great as well ~ so I put up these two apothecary jars, which I'm thinking aren't going to stay in my shop too long:

Happy Farmhouse decorating!

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