Thursday, December 20, 2018

Decorating for Christmas with Vintage

A couple of years ago here I gave a tour of our house at Christmas. Given that we decorate pretty much the same way every year, this is basically what it looks like again right now as we await the big day.

This year I thought I'd pick out some of my favorite ways to decorate with vintage from my Pinterest board, named, not surprisingly, "Decorating for Christmas with Vintage."

I love this use of a vintage scale and bowl, along with greens and pine cones and what is probably a vintage carved Santa, to create a festive look:

And here's another vintage scale that's topped with a wire basket filled with ornaments:
I've sold a lot of vintage scales over the years, and here's one in my shop that could work for either of the above decoration ideas:
And here's a way to use vintage canning jars:
I do want to get some bottle brush trees and try this! Meanwhile, I've sold a lot of vintage canning jars in my shop this year, but have a few left:
Here's another creative way to use canning jars, filled with candles and put into a vintage box with greens and pine cones:

A fun way to decorate with vintage in recent years has been to find old, rusty Tonka trucks and fill them with greens, Christmas ornaments, pine cones, or, as in this one, the ever-popular bottle brush trees:
I've got one Tonka truck left in my shop:
For those who live in cities, I've even got pine cones from our 25 wooded acres here in New Hampshire:
 White milk glass, which I've blogged about before, is also great when filled with greens:
And a few pieces of milk glass are still in my shop: a trumpet vase, a group of four vases, and a pedestal vase:

I also like the vintage medicine or apothecary bottles, which are painted white and filled with greens and small glass ornaments:
If this works in your decor, here are some vintage bottles in my shop, which I filled with greens: 
There are so many great ways to use vintage items in your Christmas decor. Right now the only vintage Christmas decorations I have left in the shop are an angel ornament and a group of molded ornaments:

However you decorate your home this year, I hope your Christmas is a joyous one and that your New Year overflows with blessings!


  1. great ideas and the vintage tonkas are adorable! I guess the milk glass wil forever be a favorite.

  2. Thanks, Terry ~ and I agree: milk glass is classic to decorate with at any time of the year!