Friday, August 10, 2012

An Etsy International Friendship Part 2

Last March I wrote about how an Etsy purchase turned into an international friendship--if you click here you can read it.

The short version of the story is that another Etsy seller, who lives in Indonesia, purchased a bunch of wooden spools with thread from me that had belonged to my mother. During the course of  Etsy "convos" back and forth, Henny Augustien--who lives with her family in Semarang, a coastal city on northern Java Island, Indonesia and has an Etsy shop called HennySeashell--shared some of her life and I shared some of mine and we found we had lots in common. That's how our "international friendship" was born.

Recently I saw a beautiful pillow cover in Henny's  shop:

The colors were exactly the colors I needed for a pillow on our bed to replace one that had worn out. So I contacted Henny and said how much I loved the pillow, and she wrote back that it was the first thing she had made with my mother's thread.

Well, that sealed the deal--I had to have it! I purchased the pillow and some time later it arrived from Indonesia, along with a sweet note and a beautiful little handmade purse Henny had made as a gift for me.

So here's the pillow now, made by my new friend with my mother's thread, sitting on our bed on our blue and white quilt:

It was the exact size of our worn-out pillow, so I simply tucked that inside. And now every day, and every night, I think about my friend Henny far across the seas...


  1. Such a wonderful, touching friendship! And what a beautiful pillow!

  2. Henny is a very talented seamstress, in addition to being a lovely person ~ check out her shop!

  3. What a lovely story! How beautiful that the pillowcase was made from your mother's thread.

  4. i love this story. how touching to have this pillow made by your new friend with your mom's thread.

  5. Thank you, Kris! I feel deeply honored :) hope our friendship will last forever.