Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Etsy Feedback

It always makes me feel good when I check my shop and see that a buyer has left positive feedback.

Today when I logged in, I found that one buyer, who also happens to be a seller herself--Rachel, from Sweet Briar Rose, whose shop can be found here--wrote to thank me for a vintage Columbia scale I sold her (really the best I've found so far--sometimes you have pangs of "why did I sell that?!"):

I wrote back to ask if she was using it in her kitchen and she sent me a picture of where it landed:

And now I'm thinking again: "why did I sell that?!"

Then I remember--my kitchen is so filled up with stuff that there's no room. Which is what you get for being an addicted vintage hunter.

After you've hunted and found for years, there's no more room to put things! 


  1. Love it, both the feedback and the scale! I totally understand the 'why did I sell that' It is hard and I think sometimes that is why I am so slow to list things, I'm not really a hoarder am I, haha. Now I just buy, loving something that I hope someone else can love and enjoy, but can't find, breathe and let go, breathe and let go...

  2. I'm breathing and letting go, Victoria ~ thanks for the encouragement! :)