Monday, November 12, 2012

When Selling on Etsy Lifts My Spirits

I've been an seller now for a year and a half, and have made a lot of new friends through selling items and buying them myself (see here and here here ) as well as through the teams I'm on, particularly the two I'm a Leader on: the Etsy Pickers and Sellers Team and the Farmhouse Treasures Team, along with the Vintage Etsy Society Street Team, which has opened up two new groups I belong to: the Etsy Vintage Elites and Etsy's Best Vintage.

But sometimes when items are sold I find out why the person purchased it--and in the case I'm writing about today, it's this quilt I sold in September:

After I sent a thank you note for the purchase, the woman who bought it wrote me back:

"This is a wedding present to ourselves, and we are soo excited! It's absolutely gorgeous, Kris, and we cannot wait to wrap up in it--just in time for fall!"

The couple lived in Virginia and I wrote back that my husband had taught at UVa for six years and we'd lived both in Charlottesville and in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where we first started buying antiques with forays into the Shenandoah Valley.

After a few back and forth emails about living in Virginia, the woman told me that she'd send a picture of the quilt once they received it and put it on her bed.

Well, today I finally got that picture, along with her apologies for not sending it sooner:

How terrific to know that a quilt I found and sold ended up as a personal wedding present for a newly married couple--this definitely lifts my spirits!

Which reminds me of another sale I had some time ago. Here's what was sold:

Just a funky bottle I'd found out and about one day, but after I wrote a thank you note to the buyer, he wrote back and told me how excited he was to find it, as his wife had had a bottle just like this for years, but during a recent move it had unfortunately been broken. He was looking forward now to surprising her with this gift.

That lifted my spirits, too! The things I sell aren't just objects to fill a house, but often, as these two cases and many others illustrate, are attached to people's lives and loves.

Makes me feel like I'm in the happiness-spreading business! :)


  1. What a lovely post, Kris! Etsy customers are just the BEST!

  2. that is an amazing story! it is so great to know where your items end up. visiting you from the etsy pickers and sellers team :) great blog!